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Posted by Julie Lambie on September 2, 2014 at 10:00 AM

News release from the LDO.


After being contacted by a number of the top lady darts players, regarding the prize structure for the Romanian Open, a number of our LDO committee members spoke relating to the issue brought to our attention, we then decided the LDO should contact the President of the Romanian Darts Federation; Mr. Dragos Dumitrescu.


It was explained to him that many of the ladies who would be in Romania were reluctant to enter their event because of the poor payouts.


We advised the President that should they be in the situation were they were able to increase their prize funds, then more of the top ladies would attend. We also offered to help the Romanian Darts Federation by promoting their event through the various channels that we have in place, i.e. our lists of members both affiliated and non affiliated, and by using our media outlets which are our website, twitter page and facebook pages and groups.


As we have always said, our goal in the LDO is to help promote all the ladies games from all over the world, regardless of who they are, where they play from or their playing abilities.


We sent in a very helpful letter hoping for in the very least a response, but the reply we got has truly blown us away.


It was explained to me in great detail about the laws and regulations that are in force in Romania, of which I will not go into details about these, as this was a private email sent only to me. But with everything that was explained, I know and understand more about this county and their darts federation, They had an emergency meeting to discuss our letter.


The outcome has impressed the LDO beyond belief, and we are very proud to announce on Behalf of the Romania Darts Federation and the LDO they have agreed to double the prize funds for the ladies darts.


I am sure you ladies will be very thrilled to know of this announcement. And as we promised the LDO committee will do all they can in their power to help to promote and support this event. And we urge all you ladies regardless of your playing abilities to enter this event, and show your appreciation to the Romanian Darts Federation.


This is one of the most rewarding announcements we have ever made, and it just goes to show, that the LDO really has become well known and it looked upon as the voice of Ladies Darts.


Yours in darts


Julie Lambie

CEO of the Ladies Darts Organisation.

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